Prepared Meals

Prepared Paleo Meals

We offer pre-packaged, homemade Paleo meals, making eating paleo quick and easy, much easier than it was 50,000 years ago as the two gents below can attest to.

Hunting Old School

Our healthy, homemade Paleo meals will keep you eating right when you're on the go.

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MDA : 18 Underrated Blogs You Should Be Reading

Blogging is the lifeblood of the growing Primal/paleo movement, as you know, and new veins, arteries, and capillaries are popping up every day. I’m calling this the underrated blog post, but really, given the steadily increasing span of the community, even the most underrated blogger has a [...]

Olive Oil? Can we use it when our beloved butter just won't do?

Mark Sisson, of Mark’s Daily Apple, Defends Olive Oil’s Reputation

Olive oil’s reputation has been besmirched. It isn’t the magic life elixir fueling the teeming hordes of Mediterranean-dieting, crusty bread-eating, moderate wine-drinking centenarians, but it doesn’t deserve to be tossed in the trash heap with soybean, grapeseed, corn, and canola oils. I sense [...]

Sunchoke Zelňačka

Sunchoke Zelňačka

During 15 years of cooking for my (now carnivorous) vegetarian husband the one food that we could always agree on: soup. We ate a lot of soup.  But lately, soup has been neglected; pushed aside in favor of meaty sauces & chunks of pure protein. We’ve been missing one of our favorite meals: [...]

(Cauliflower) Rice Revisited

Back by popular demand: Cauliflower Rice.  This is such a simple yet satisfying addition to a meal; it’s definitely worth another look.

Gyozas! Dipping Sauce! Deliciousness!

We love meatballs. We love Asian food. When I came across a recipe for wrapper-less gyozas I knew we had to give it a try (& we’re so glad we did).

The Hungry Caveman Returns!

Back from Summer Holiday the Hungry Caveman is refreshed & ready to cook!
Ready-to-eat meals- individually portioned or family-sized, for sharing.
Check out our new menu additions:

Please order by September 1st for pick-up on September 6th.

Tasty Stuffed Peppers

Tasty Stuffed Peppers

A cozy favorite, Stuffed Peppers (okay, “cozy” may not be your first choice on an 27*c (80*f) day, but the rains will come again soon enough)…  The first order of business- how to lighten up this meat-filling without the traditional rice?  Well, cauliflower rice, of course- it’s easy to make & worked [...]

Super-Fabulous Pulled Pork

This has become one of our Main Meats.  We eat it frequently & we make it for our friends- it’s moist & flavorful & it’s hard to get tired of.  On top of all that, I’d say it’s virtually foolproof- every single time I’ve made it, it has turned out perfectly.  Now that’s what I [...]