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Prepared Paleo Meals

We offer pre-packaged, homemade Paleo meals, making eating paleo quick and easy, much easier than it was 50,000 years ago as the two gents below can attest to.

Hunting Old School

Our healthy, homemade Paleo meals will keep you eating right when you're on the go.

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Olive Oil? Can we use it when our beloved butter just won't do?

Mark Sisson, of Mark’s Daily Apple, Defends Olive Oil’s Reputation

Olive oil’s reputation has been besmirched. It isn’t the magic life elixir fueling the teeming hordes of Mediterranean-dieting, crusty bread-eating, moderate wine-drinking centenarians, but it doesn’t deserve to be tossed in the trash heap with soybean, grapeseed, corn, and canola oils. I sense [...]

The Amazing Results of 2 Months of Paleo & CrossFit Praha…

Zítra večer vaříme na TV / We are cooking tomorrow evening on TV

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