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Prepared Paleo Meals

We offer pre-packaged, homemade Paleo meals, making eating paleo quick and easy, much easier than it was 50,000 years ago as the two gents below can attest to.

Hunting Old School

Our healthy, homemade Paleo meals will keep you eating right when you're on the go.

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Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting)

Michael R Eades, MD. :

“As anyone who has done it knows, getting started on a low-carb diet can be a little rough.  Not for everyone, but for some.  All too often these little front-end bumps in the road–coupled with the spirit of the times [...]

… (thanks Dean)

Coming soon, the test-tube burger: Lab-grown meat ‘needed to feed the world’

The first ‘test-tube’ hamburger is only a year away, scientists claim.

They believe the product, beef mince grown from stem cells, could pave the way for eating meat without animals being slaughtered.

The Dutch scientists predict that [...]

Ale co budu snídat? / But what will i have for breakfast?

Paleo Breakfast- Free Gluten Free Recipes
16 FREE Paleo breakfast gluten free, dairy free, soy free, raw food recipes.

více se dočtete zde / read more here

Obsah kanalizace je ideální zdroj materiálu pro výrobu burgerů

Svět šokoval japonský vědec, který přišel s výrobou hamburgerů z lidských exkrementů. Napadlo ho to, když se snažil vyřešit ožehavou otázku, kterou mu zadalo město Tokio: jak nejlépe využít a recyklovat městský odpad. Profesor Mitsuyuki Ikeda během svého výzkumu zjistil, že lidské exkrementy jsou doslova nabité bílkovinami; rozhodl se toho využít a vyrobil [...]

US News “Best” Diets

Prof. Cordain’s response :

“…Good to hear from you and many thanks for your continued support of the Paleo Diet.  I hadn’t seen this piece, but I appreciate that you have brought it to my attention.  It is obvious that whoever wrote this piece did not do their homework and has [...]

Z “PaNu – Evolutionary Metabolism”

6s and 3s and the logic of grain avoidance

Although cows are herbivores, eating predominantly seeds is not really healthy for them either. Beef cows and steers are fed grains (grass seeds like corn) for the financial benefit of humans who raise them, not for the health of the animal. [...]

Gary Taubes : “Why We Get Fat”

“Of all the dangerous ideas that health officials could have embraced while trying to understand why we get fat, they would have been hard-pressed to find one ultimately more damaging than calories-in/calories-out. That it reinforces what appears to be so obvious—obesity as the penalty for gluttony and [...]

Paleo 101


This article is geared towards people who want to try out the Paleo diet and who just want to quickly know what they should and shouldn’t do.

No background science here or lengthy explanations, only 15 easy rules to follow to kick start your Paleo [...]