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Gyozas! Dipping Sauce! Deliciousness!

We love meatballs. We love Asian food. When I came across a recipe for wrapper-less gyozas I knew we had to give it a try (& we’re so glad we did).


5-8 garlic cloves (I increased the amount of garlic in this recipe. It isn’t too much. Trust me.)
2 T fresh ginger
1/2 head cabbage (I’m amazed that these don’t end up tasting overwhelmingly cabbagy. They don’t. They’re simply not as dense. Genius.)
2 kg ground pork (My “ground pork” had some beef involved. Still delicious.)
4 (large) scallions or 1 smallish onion
75 ml (5T) wheat-free Tamari or soy sauce
45 ml (3 T) sesame oil
olive oil
45 ml (3 T) balsamic vinegar

Chop up everything but pork very finely
2) Put aside 15 ml (1 T) garlic, 15ml ( 1T) ginger, 15 ml (1 T) scallions for special dipping sauce
3) Put the rest in a big bowl with the ground pork and add 30 ml (2T) Tamari, 30 ml (2T) sesame oil
(Use your hands!)
5) Form into little dumpling-like shapes
6) Bake in olive oil in a 250*C (480*f) oven for 20 minutes- flipping after ten minutes.

Special Dipping Sauce:
45 ml (3 Tbs) Tamari/ soy sauce
45 ml (3 Tbs) Balsamic vinegar
45 ml (3 Tbs) water
& the ginger, garlic, and scallions you put aside.

(I added 5 ml (1 t) honey to the sauce which seemed to balance the flavors- obviously leave out the honey if you’re eating 100% clean.)

This recipe makes A LOT of gyozas (which you will be very glad about).

**To save the leftovers: spread them flat on a cookie sheet or a flexible cutting board (my personal favorite) to freeze & then transfer them all to a bag for a longer-term freezer stay (& easy-access in the future).  I even freeze some dipping sauce so it’s all ready for action, any time we are.

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