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We offer pre-packaged, homemade Paleo meals, making eating paleo quick and easy, much easier than it was 50,000 years ago as the two gents below can attest to.

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Our healthy, homemade Paleo meals will keep you eating right when you're on the go.

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The Paleo Table: Making a week’s worth of meals in advance

From Rob Wolf, by Amber Karnes

Stephen wrote in to The Paleo Table website and said,

“I’m a police officer and have a hard time sticking to a paleo diet. Firstly, I’m really new to switching to it, which is a vulnerable, easy to cheat time. Secondly, due to my job, it’s hard to nail down chain times when I get to eat. I am thinking about cooking a week’s worth of food ahead of time and bringing it to work in a cooler. I’m not much of a cook, but I know preparing my own food is the best way to stick to the diet.”

You are so right about that, brother! Good thinkin. While I don’t have this same problem as far as shift work, I can definitely sympathize. My sister Heidi is an E.R. trauma nurse and her partner Mark is a police/canine trainer. Both their schedules can turn them into drive-thru-visiting, fast food-eating zombies if they don’t keep an eye on it. They’ve had a lot of success doing just what you describe (my sister has lost over 30 pounds in the past couple months too!), so I decided to have a chat with them and get some of their best tips for managing food when your schedule is all out of whack.

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