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Sunchoke Zelňačka

Sunchoke Zelňačka

During 15 years of cooking for my (now carnivorous) vegetarian husband the one food that we could always agree on: soup. We ate a lot of soup.  But lately, soup has been neglected; pushed aside in favor of meaty sauces & chunks of pure protein. We’ve been missing one of our favorite meals: a Czech sauerkraut & potato soup called Zelňačka.  I wanted to capture all the comforting flavor of that soup, but without the white potatoes that we’ve been avoiding- time to call upon the Sunchoke, aka the Jerusalem artichoke.  It’s an amazing little tuber & member of the sunflower family- one I’d never even heard of until fairly recently- which can rather capably stand in for a potato, but with a slight hint of artichoke (a lovely trait to have).

Sunchoke Zelňačka

4 liters water

1 kg sauerkraut

1 ½ kg sunchokes

¼ kg mushrooms

4 onions (or 8 small)

5 ml (1t) sweet paprika

30 ml (1T) marjoram

90 ml (6T) olive oil

3 cubes (beef) bouillon

OPTIONAL:  400 g (2 cups) sour cream


Boil the sauerkraut in the water.

Add cut sunchokes (I washed but didn’t peal), mushrooms & spices

Boil until sunchokes are soft. Remove approximately ½ liter of soup (including sunchokes) & purée.  Return the purée to the main pot.

Sauté onions in oil. Add to soup.

If using, add the sour cream.

Cook until the flavors combine. Approximately 30-45 minutes.

Serve as is or add delicious klobasa of your choice.

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