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“The low fat diet is the worst dietary advice in the last 50 years” -Dwight C. Lundell M.D.

Saturated Fat and Heart Disease

lundell_crop_small_131by Dwight C. Lundell M.D.

Does the thought of a steak, bacon and eggs, or real milk make you cringe thinking you’re instantly clogging up your arteries?  How many times have you seen physicians and nutritionists write “artery clogging saturated fats”? For the last 40 years the dietary instructions from governments and other authoritative bodies have told us to avoid all animal fats.

Americans took the message seriously and complied. Average fat consumption decreased, average blood cholesterol levels decreased but their rate of heart disease has continued to rise; the cost of its treatment has continued to rise.  Now, in 2011 we have 24 MILLION people diagnosed with diabetes and another 65 million with pre-diabetes and an epidemic of obesity now afflicting over 65% of the population.

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1 comment to “The low fat diet is the worst dietary advice in the last 50 years” -Dwight C. Lundell M.D.

  • Hind

    It’s shocking really… so what happened to all the scientists and doctors in the past? Were they all so ignorant and overlooked the finding of an inflammation in the wall of the arteries? I truly wish it can be confirmed by the others so that we can all start enjoying more delicious foods.

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