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USDA: Eggs' Cholesterol Lower Than Thought, Vitamin D Higher

By David Katz, M.D.- Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center

The USDA announced today that eggs are significantly lower in cholesterol than previously thought. And, by the way, they are also quite a bit higher in vitamin D.

All by itself, this is potentially important news, with wide implications for the American diet. The newly released 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, for instance, recommend a limit of 300mg of cholesterol per day for healthy adults, and 200mg per day for adults with, or at high risk for heart disease. The new, lower cholesterol content of eggs means that these guidelines could be met if healthy adults average between one and two eggs per day, while even adults with heart disease can come in under the guideline consuming an egg daily. (By the way, the reason eggs are now lower in cholesterol is not entirely clear, but likely relates to changes in the diets of hens. We are what we eat, and so are chickens … and their eggs.)

But I consider news about less cholesterol to be just one entry among several that collectively go a long way toward full … eggsoneration.

First, we were probably wrong about the harms of dietary cholesterol in the first place.


1 comment to USDA: Eggs’ Cholesterol Lower Than Thought, Vitamin D Higher

  • Erin

    My first reaction to this is, so what? Dietary cholesteral doesn’t determine blood cholesteral & blood cholesteral isn’t the devil anyways (unless you’re talking about the small dense distribution of VLDL which you get from excess carbs, not saturated fat…) so it seems like this is kind of a neutral finding…

    Melissa McEwen over at Hunt Gather Love had an interesting post on this:

    Main thing that caught my attention: “Either way, seems like we both lose. As Bix points out, the Brave New Egg is just soy repackaged. Instead of 574 mg of omega-6, it has 792mg! Yes, omega-3 has increased a bit, but I don’t think this is good news since total PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acid) content has increased. It also has less of the best fat ever, monosaturated fat, which is seriously sad. But wait, now you get more glucose for free! Instead of a measley 105mg, you get 180mg per egg.”

    Interesting to see the way our food supply is changing, nutritionally, based on the diet of the chickens…

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